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McAuley Land Surveying, Inc has been in business since January 2002. The president and major stock holder of the company is James D. McAuley. After receiving a degree in Land Surveying and a degree in Civil Engineering he started working for a local land surveyor in his home town of Sanford, North Carolina. Upon moving to the Charlotte area in 1985 he started working for a local company that offered Land Surveying and Civil Engineering services. Working for this type of company gave him the experience needed to design and draw most any residential or commercial subdivision from erosion control plans all the way through to final as builts. In 2003 after also receiving his public utilities license he started a Grading and Construction Company that also performed all land surveying services in house. The company grew to over 90 employees and performed almost $10 million dollars of construction and land surveying services in 2007.

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McAuley Land Surveying, Inc. has been in business for 10 years.

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